Available everyday until 1 am

Chicken Tendies    $10

coconut marinated, karaage thighs, yuzu kosho aioli

Fried Wild Boar Bologna  $10  

house made wild boar + wagyu bologna, pickled peach mustard

Smashed Cukes   $10

toasted chili dressing, sesame, cashew cream

Fried Green Tomatoes   $10

taber corn + hatch chile chow chow, pistachio crème fraiche

Low Country Corn   $10

corn on the cob, ‘bama white sauce, old bay, lime, corn nuts

Crispy Pig Ears   $10

pimento ranch dip

Onion Rings   $10

bloomin' onion dip

Lamb Tartare   $10

chips, cured egg yolk, bread + butter pickles

All dishes are gluten free, and many can be modified to be dairy free.
Please communicate with your server to see how we can accommodate other dietary restrictions.