Green Gumbo Clams  $17  

littleneck clams, smoked ham hock, andouille aioli , cornbread gratin

Cornbread    $8

whipped clover honey butter made to order, please allow 15 minutes

Shrimp Cocktail    $17

horseradish sauce, lemon

Deviled Eggs    $15

Kozlik’s triple crunch mustard, crème fraiche, wild Acadian caviar

Onion Rings    $8

Bloomin' Onion dip

Cocktail Meatballs    $10

grape jelly braised


Chicken Fried Pork Steak  $22  

mustard onions, apple butter, goat cheese smashed potatoes

Spring Lamb    $24

birch + charred onion glaze, butter bean purée, rhubarb butter

Corn Battered Shrimp    $24

andouille spoonbread, pickled sunchoke relish, old bay remoulade

Roasted Chicken    $23

corn grits, grilled pickled peaches, pan jus

Hangar Steak    $29

worcestershire steak sauce, caramelized milk fried potato

Sofie's Meatloaf    $23

confit vidalia, ketchup, herb roasted potatoes


Heirloom Tomato  $13  

farmer's cheese, burnt honey + smoked peppercorn vinaigrette, peaches

Baby Kale    $13

Broek Acres bacon vinaigrette, pickled red onion, cornbread crumb

Spring Salad    $12

pea shoots, watercress, confit radish vegetable greens, buttermilk dressing


Sweet Potato  $14  

hazelnut romesco, feta, fried corn

Asparagus    $17

caesar butter, egg yolk, country ham, parm

House Pickled Beets    $13

cashew cream, dill, sumac onions, spiced pecans

Carrots    $14

carrots juice braised + glazed, tarragon, spring onion ranch


A Plate From The Cellar  $15  

fried mortadella, house pickles, mustards + hot sauces, cheese

Buttered Popcorn    $5

a long-time Milk Tiger tradition

Bar Nuts   $6

All dishes are gluten free, and many can be modified to be dairy free.
Please communicate with your server to see how we can accommodate other dietary restrictions.