Available from 5 to 11 pm


Chicken Tendies    $10

coconut marinated, karaage thighs, yuzu kosho aioli

Cornbread    $10

whipped clover honey butter made to order, please allow 15 minutes

Fried Wild Boar Bologna  $10  

house made wild boar + wagyu bologna, pickled peach mustard

Fried Green Tomatoes   $10

taber corn + hatch chile chow chow, pistachio crème fraiche

Low Country Corn   $10

corn on the cob, ‘bama white sauce, old bay, lime, corn nuts

Crispy Pig Ears   $10

pimento ranch dip

Onion Rings   $10

bloomin' onion dip

Lamb Tartare   $10

chips, cured egg yolk, bread + butter pickles

Cocktail Meatballs    $10

grape jelly braised

A Plate From the Cellar    $15

fried mortadella, house pickles, mustards + hot sauces, cheese

Shrimp Cocktail    $15

horseradish sauce, lemon

Deviled Eggs    $15

Kozlik’s triple crunch mustard, crème fraiche, wild Acadian caviar

Green Gumbo Clams  $17  available friday to sunday

littleneck clams, smoked ham hock, andouille aioli , cornbread gratin


Heirloom Tomato  $13  

farmer's cheese, burnt honey + smoked peppercorn vinaigrette, peaches

Baby Kale    $13

Broek Acres bacon vinaigrette, pickled red onion, cornbread crumb

Smashed Cukes   $13

toasted chili dressing, black + white sesame, cashew cream


Fried Chicken  $26  

pickle brined, slaw, Louisiana hot sauce, bread + butter pickles

Spring Lamb    $26

birch + charred onion glaze, butter bean purée, rhubarb butter

Shrimp + Grits    $26

corn puree, white corn grits, andouille butter, corn nut dukkah

Smoked Pork Chop    $26

goat cheese scalloped potato, peach bourbon butter, pickled onion

Hangar Steak    $26

worcestershire steak sauce, caramelized milk fried potato

Sofie's Meatloaf    $26

confit vidalia, ketchup, herb roasted potatoes


Sweet Potato  $15  

hazelnut romesco, feta, fried corn

Asparagus    $15

caesar butter, egg yolk, country ham, parm

House Pickled Beets    $13

cashew cream, dill, sumac onions, spiced pecans

Carrots    $15

carrots juice braised + glazed, tarragon, spring onion ranch

All dishes are gluten free, and many can be modified to be dairy free.
Please communicate with your server to see how we can accommodate other dietary restrictions.